Gold Package

The Gold Service is our own opt out Register.

phone-call-blockerWe notify companies on your behalf to stop calling you

We have built up a database of companies currently making sales, marketing and/or market research calls and data collection companies who could potentially sell on your personal information – this information is gathered based on our industry knowledge of known big telemarketers, Data Companies and feedback from our customers.

We issue these companies a request under Section 11 of the Data Protection Act requesting these companies place your name and telephone number (including mobile number where provided) on their suppression files and “Do Not Call” lists. By doing so in addition to reducing the number of unwanted calls there is less chance of your personal information being sold or passed on, which could be used for identity fraud.

In order to help prevent future Sales, Marketing and Research calls, we may provide your name and telephone number to companies, who may not currently hold them, instructing them to put you on their “Do Not Call” lists, before they make a call to your landline or mobile telephone number.

When notifying these companies they have a legal right to take upto 28 days to add your personal details to their “Do Not Call” lists however in some cases it can take a little longer. We are so confident that our Gold service can help reduce the number of calls you receive to your landline and mobile telephone number that if after 30 days (following the initial 28 days ) your calls have not stopped or dramatically reduced then we will send you one of our Call Guardian Call Blockers completely FREE of charge (including postage and packaging).

The Call Guardian connects in between your telephone handset and the telephone line intercepting the calls you do not wish to receive. The Call Guardian disconnects unwanted callers without your phone even ringing. With the device installed you can blacklist callers by telephone number, number prefix and calls from private, anonymous or unknown numbers – including international calls.

Take the power back, and choose who gets through, and who doesn’t.

Please note –

Stop even more calls by using our Platinum Package

What our customers are saying…

Mrs. Angello – Brighton

The Cold Call Elimination Team have made such a difference to my everyday life, I can now pick up the phone and know that it's going to be from a friend and not some company trying to sell me things I don't want.

Mr. Francis – Milton Keynes

Just thought I'd drop you a note to say thanks for the help you gave me when I accidently blocked a friend number by mistake. The number of calls has gone down from around 6 a week to zero overnight.

Janet John- Leeds

I spoke to the Cold Call Elimination team after receiving a high volume of harassing telephone calls. They were extremely helpful and were able to settle any doubts I had.
Having the box has made a real difference me and couldn't recommend it enough.

Pauline Carter- Kent

Since having the Cold Call Elimination box it has made everyday life a lot less stressful. I run a business from home and am no longer constantly interrupted by annoying sales calls.
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