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    Make nuisance calls a thing of the past...
Find out which call blocking package suits you best...

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Happy New Year from the Cold Call Elimination Team!

Stop unwanted, nuisance calls now!

The Cold Call Elimination Team combines a unique service with an unbeatable
call blocking product to eliminate those unwanted, nuisance phone calls, once and for all….

Contact Us Today and we’ll talk you through your unwanted phone call blocking options.

  • Fully trained, experienced staff on our free phone helpdesk
  • An expert Legal Team to report and pursue rogue companies on your behalf
  • Unique Call-Blocking equipment to eliminate nuisance phone calls forever
  • Help and advice tailored to your personal circumstances

What our customers say…

Mrs. Angello – Brighton

The Cold Call Elimination Team have made such a difference to my everyday life, I can now pick up the phone and know that it's going to be from a friend and not some company trying to sell me things I don't want.

Mr. Francis – Milton Keynes

Just thought I'd drop you a note to say thanks for the help you gave me when I accidently blocked a friend number by mistake. The number of calls has gone down from around 6 a week to zero overnight.

Janet John- Leeds

I spoke to the Cold Call Elimination team after receiving a high volume of harassing telephone calls. They were extremely helpful and were able to settle any doubts I had.
Having the box has made a real difference me and couldn't recommend it enough.

Pauline Carter- Kent

Since having the Cold Call Elimination box it has made everyday life a lot less stressful. I run a business from home and am no longer constantly interrupted by annoying sales calls.


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Cold Call Elimination Ltd, England

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